The central core of our efforts are teaching, developing, reinforcing and polishing the skills that support virtually all successful accomplishments in your child’s future.


The Religion Curriculum examines and explains the tenets of our Catholic faith, is centered in basic Catholic doctrine and guides the children through their understanding and actual reception of the sacraments.  The Bible is an integral part of this program.  Weekly liturgy and prayer services are used to prepare students to continue on their lifetime journey of faith.  The school as well as each grade level is involved in one or more community services projects each year.


Our Mathematics program consists of math projects, hands-on problem solving, and rigorous classroom instruction reinforcing basic math skills along with algebra, geometry and critical thinking.  St. Monica School accommodates the many students who excel in their field by providing and opportunity to receive advanced instruction in several different math courses.  Students are also offered the opportunity to participate in the A.T.Y.P. (Academically Talented Youth Programs) at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo.


The scientific method is emphasized in our Science curriculum.  Along with daily science instruction, hands-on science activities are implemented in each classroom to foster the scientific method and thinking skills.  Our school always has students who are accepted and participate in advanced studies at KAMSC (Kalamazoo Area Math & Science Center).
The Language Arts Programs are comprised of instruction in English, spelling, reading, creative writing, handwriting, phonics, and grammar.  Critical-thinking skills are taught and expanded.  Grammar composition is reinforced as is reading for comprehension and analysis.  The goal of this curriculum, aside from a high level of skill proficiency, is to insure that students become lifelong readers and writers.

Our approach to Social Studies combines history and geography with current events and an awareness of social justice.  Field trips, innovative software-based programs and guest speakers are commissioned to convey these critical issues and material.


Every classroom is equipped with computers in addition to our state-of-the art computer lab.  In addition to the lab the school uses two iPad carts, each equipped with a classroom set of 30 tablets, to further technology use by students.  Our educational technology program equips students with the ability to succeed in our information based society.  Students learn to be creative problem solvers who can use technology as a tool to find answers and get ahead.


The arts, both visual and musical, occupy an important position and are woven throughout our students’ education.  Students receive weekly instruction in art and music.  The Kalamazoo Institute of Art frequently exhibits the work of many of our students. 

Physical Education is another key element of our well-rounded students.  The program includes a minimum of a twice-weekly class based on teaching and practicing skills that are developmentally appropriate. 


Students attend library on a weekly basis.  Our librarian works closely with the grade level teachers and the hands-on science teacher to compliment what is being taught in the classroom.  Students are highly encouraged to use the library for pleasure reading as well as a research source.