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Honor Roll 1st and 3rd Quarter  

Honor Roll 2017-2018


1st and 3rd quarters


Students in the sixth, seventh, and eighth grades have an opportunity to earn points to attain a place on the St. Monica Honor Roll. Honor points are based on the letter grade earned in each subject. This is how the points and levels are determined.




                                                                                        Major                                                                 Minor

                                                                                       Theology                                                               Band

                                                                                   Mathematics                                                          Spanish




                                                                              Social Studies


Point Values for Letter Grades


Major Subjects:                       Minor Subjects:

                                                                                                   A = 3 points                           A= 1 point

                                                                                                   B = 2 points                             B= 0.5 point                      

                                                                                                   C= 1 point



Honor Roll Levels


Exceptional Honors: 19 points


Honors: 17-18.5 points (No “D’s”)


Honorable Mention: 13-16.5 points (No “D’s”)